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DOBLE A is formed by two practising lawyers with a defined generalist background, even though each of them has her respective specialties. This means that they have a broad and transversal vision of the Law and, therefore, they can approach any case from different perspectives, offering the client a variety of solutions. Belén and Cristina met in the Law and Animal Welfare Section of the Malaga Bar Association, of which they are both currently members. Their common vision regarding the need for protection that animals require, on a legal and judicial level, together with the desire to start their own personal project that would drive them to achieve this objective, was what led to the creation of DOBLE A, a Law firm specialised in legal advice and assistance in the field of Law and Animal Welfare.

Belén Torres Grana

Graduated in Law from the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in 2016 and Master in the Professional Practice of Law from the International University of La Rioja in 2018. As complementary training it is worth mentioning: Advanced Corporate Compliance Programme Course (2018) at International University of La Rioja and Course on Criminal Procedure Law (2019) at Malaga Bar Association.
After several years working in different firms, she is currently developing her professional career in a well-known firm in Malaga specialised, mainly, in Commercial Law, as well as Civil and Corporate Law. Her love for animals made her focus part of her career on the study of Animal Law, generating interest in dedicating her work to this specialisation.
“In these times, very far behind is the advance in the awareness of the existence of the animal rights which, given their nature, as living beings, are inherent to their condition. I would like to highlight the wording and the message conveyed by the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, which exists and was promulgated for the protection and welfare of animals: “considering that every animal has rights”.”

Cristina García Salazar

Graduated in Law from the University of Cadiz since 2010, she holds the Certificate of Professional Aptitude from the Madrid Bar Association. After obtaining a Master in International Law from the Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE) in Madrid, she began her professional career in 2011, having worked in important Law Firms in Madrid and Malaga. She is currently developing her professional career in a well-known Law Firm in Marbella. She is fluent in English, both spoken and written.
Her areas of practice and specialisation are Civil Procedure, Family, Commercial and Urban Planning Law, having obtained a degree as an expert in the latter field from the FYDU Foundation. However, she has always been a lover of animals, which is why in 2016 she also began to be interested in Animal Law, carrying out various studies, attending training courses and conferences, as well as practicing in this branch of law.
“It is vital to create awareness, both on a personal level and around us, about respect and protection for animals, so that both human beings and our fellow planet dwellers can have a present and a future. For this reason, I looked for a way to unite my passion and my profession, I wanted to put my knowledge and experience at the service of animals. And I have realised that the best help I can give them is, precisely, what they need most: the legal defence of their rights which, unfortunately, are so scarce in this country».

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